Taste of the Indian Tradition

Taste of the Indian Tradition

Blog Date: 2014.06.14 | Photoshoot Date: 2014.05.31

It’s the end of May and I haven’t gone out to shoot any personal stuffs for quite a while. The weather today in the East Bay was hot and humid, so I tried to shoot mostly in the shaded area.

Two models today, which are Pyan and Jess.

Pyan the Indian girl had already asked me many times to get some shoots for her, but I was really busy but finally we made it today. Meanwhile, I really want to get to know some MUAs around the Bay Area so I asked Pyan whether she can get a MUA to work with. And there we go, Jess the MUA was invited to join our shoot. She also does modeling on the side so I also got her some pictures during the photoshoot. I’m glad to have her help out on the side and make the shoot much easier.

Enjoy the pictures and I will keep posting more when I finish processing more.


Leah & Michael, Engagement in Sonoma

Leah and Michael’s Engagement Shoot

Wine Country First Encounter, Sonoma County, Napa

Blog Date: 2012.08.10 | Photoshoot Date: 2012.07.21

It is my first time shooting engagement in Napa actually. Luckily enough, Leah and Michael gave me a little tour from the city of San Francisco to the county of Sonoma. I am not really satisfied with the pictures came out that day, due to the harsh lighting of the time we shoot. But I am glad that Leah and Michael really like about the pictures.

We did not prepare to shoot in the Palace of Fine Arts in the beginning, but Leah told me she had never been here when we passed by, so we decided to stop by and get few shots.

It was hot in Napa while it was chilly in San Francisco. The sightseeing was interesting after we passed the Golden Gate Bridge. We stopped by few stops along the road while we scouted nice spots to shoot.

Overall, it was a fun shoot, especially with the cutest Roxie (Leah and Michael’s baby dog).

More pictures will be uploaded later.


MiMi Portrait Shoot

Blog Date: 04/08/2012 | Photo Shoot Date: 03/25/2012

Two weeks ago I was back to Los Angeles for a wedding shoot. Since I do not go back to LA that often now, I decided to maximize the usage of my time.

The wedding shoot was on the 24th of March which was a Saturday. So I asked my friend Ben to organize an outdoor model shooting session. Mimi is the girl Ben brought.

So we found a spot with railroads as background and we asked MiMi to pose with the flow. She is quite natural and got into the act easily. Too bad the weather changed really fast and the rain started to pour in 15 minutes since we begin shooting. And we eventually relocated to shoot indoor in Pasadena’s City Hall.



Princess of War

Princess of War

Blog Date: 04/06/2012 | Photo Shoot Date: 12/11/2012

I’ve known Yilin for years, but we never done a photoshoot until I relocated to the Bay Area. Yilin came up with the idea that she wants to get some portrait shoot done as she’s the goddess in the war. I thought it sounds interesting. So why not? Let’s do it.

We scheduled to shoot at the Palace of the Fine Arts in San Francisco. This is also the first formal portrait session that I shoot in the Bay Area. Well, working with Yilin is easy and fun. We knew each other well so communication is not a problem. She also got some modeling experience so posing her is a piece of cake, even that sometimes I am shooting far way with my 70-200 F2.8L. The most important thing is that she has the desire to act. We got the photoshoot done in less than an hour. I just didn’t want to stay in the cold and windy outdoor weather for so long; we already got the pictures, let’s head back home. Another thing that I love about for this photoshoot is the dress Yilin brought. It’s simple and elegant, and it fits our plan perfectly.

Thanks for Yilin bringing a friend of her to be my assistant, so I have someone to take care of my equipments while I was shooting in the field. There are many pictures came out nice, but I am only posting few post-processed pictures that Yilin worked on.

Gillian & Ken’s Wedding

Gillian & Ken’s Wedding

Wedding Date: 2012.03.11 / Blog Date: 2012.03.27

As a wedding photographer myself, I hardly have time to enjoy the whole wedding day without much working. But on March 11th this year, I finally got a chance to enjoy on Gillian and Ken’s wedding because I attended the wedding party as a guest. But I still brought my camera to help them get a few pictures. I shoot about 100 pictures total that day and finally I picked out about half of the shoot and gave the pictures to them. I hope they like these pictures.

F A N   P A G E S